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Hi! I'm Iwan

Your new social media ​manager! You’re ​obviously here in ​search of some help so ​I’ll be stepping in and ​taking all your social ​media anxiety away :)

With a digital ​marketing ​management course ​under my belt and ​experience working ​with clients across ​various industries, I ​bring a wealth of ​expertise in social ​media platforms, ​content management, ​and creative strategy.

Do you need help ​taking your business to ​the next level?

Together, we’ll plan & ​refresh your business ​and see if we can make ​your vision a reality.

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Marketing skills

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  • Graphic design via canva
  • Video editing
  • Organic social
  • Community management ​&engagement
  • Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Paid ads on Instagram, ​Facebook & Twitter (X)
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full social media ​management

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  • Account set up
  • Content creation
  • Posting, ​Scheduling, ​Analytics
  • Profile rebrand ​and strategy
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Sample Works (rebrand)

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After bouncing between ​themes and struggling ​with engagement, I was ​asked to help with a new ​strategy. We decided to ​go for a more colourful ​theme, specifically ​showing the variety, ​quality and colour of this ​new accessible medicine ​to build trust with new ​consumers. Resulting in a ​higher engagement on ​their social platforms and ​more subscriptions in a 3 ​month period than the ​last 15 month combined.

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With a few changes in their ​business, the new director of ​sales wanted to invest in ​their social presence and to ​a clearly track analytics to ​see how much of a ​difference it would make. ​We worked together on ​better videos and images ​(professionally colour edited ​by me) more testimonials ​from happy customers and ​a few competitions as well ​as coverage of the business ​expanding to a new jump ​site in the region.

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Running competitions such as ​Prezzy card givaways for leaving ​a 5 star review after using the ​service. As well as sponsoring ​local events in the region for ​brand awareness and supporting ​the tourism community. All have ​resulted in a lot more ​engagement, resulting in ​turnover of bookings

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After working with Iwan perviously in the ​tourism industry I brough him on board ​to give the business a boost of young, ​enthusiastic energy. His drive, out side ​the box thinking and commitment to ​customer satisfaction was exactly what ​we needed at the time. I’d highly ​reccomend him and will be working ​with him again in the future.

S.G.Brooks - Head of sales

Client ​Testimonials

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After orders started to ​really slow down, ​Stevie and I started ​with a freshen up. ​Picking a new theme, ​colour scheme and ​branding to help the ​brands awareness and ​give a clear depiction ​of the brand, vision ​and her story

Srategies & growth

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Our next moves were to ​use her in the new content ​to gain trust & explain her ​story. We started using ​customer reviews as ​promotion and ran some ​competitions and ​facebook ads resulting in ​her facebook growing from ​1.3k followers to 7k in ​three weeks!!!

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At every stage of us working together Iwan ​showed he was knowledgable, eager and ​invested in my brand. I was always rushed off my ​feet so Iwan took over my social media world ​with a fresh eye and made my story more ​relatable to our community. Sales have risen and ​it has more than covered Iwans cost for services ​and freed up more time for me for the ​operations side of NZ Native oils. If you’re ​hesitant to reach out to him (as I initially was) I ​urge you to do it and let him prove how ​wonderful a SMM is for your business and future ​:)

Stevie.H - Director

Client ​Testimonials

U.G.C examples

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With over 750,000 downloads, ​WeMoney is blowing up in ​Australia. They reached out and ​asked for 4 different shoots and ​scrips to create content in bulk ​for the next few months

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Being a huge fan of the brand I ​reached out to the director of ​Ilabb and created content for ​some winter clothing. We have ​agreed similar content for their ​upcoming summer clothing ​drop.

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Helping everyone find that ​perfect person. When ​Bumble reached out I ​thought it was a great ​opportunity as I met my ​partner on a dating App.

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